How can the service help your anonymity?

The mixing of the bitcoins gives the opportunity to break the connection between the address and the addressee. This increases the anonymity of all users in the system of interconnection of the cryptocurrency. The service is a qualitative tool for mixing bitcoins.


Why the cryptocurrency uses encryption?

The electronic financial units themselves are reliably protected from forgery and from hacking by encryption using cryptographic methods. The source code of a bitcoin can be successively hashed during a transaction so that the transaction itself can be simply traced. However, it is impossible to crack it. The cryptocurrency has the following characteristics:

  • It is decentralized and carried out by network users
  • The system is open and at the same time – absolutely anonymous
  • The controlling body and the single administrative center are absent
  • Transactions and users’ personal wallets are protected from hacking using cryptography methods
  • All calculations in the system are made quickly and cannot be canceled.

The blocking technology and the service

At the core of all crypto-currencies the technology of blocking lies. The essence of this technology is that all transactions in the system form an uninterrupted chain. Such a chain is the archive of the system. This archive is not stored in one place; each user holds it. Thereby, it is impossible to break it and make any changes to it.

The emission of new coins and data on transactions is protected from the hacking. While the user gets the total anonymity. With the help of mixing, it becomes impossible to find the connection between the address and addressee. This is how the works.